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I'm Liz Leafloor, and I create engaging and memorable voiceover performances for you.

Friendly and authentic?

I'm here for you.

You need soothing?

I'll tuck you in.

You need upbeat and energetic?


You need a clear professional?

I'm on it.

I can confidently perform with a female vocal age range of 20-50+ years old and with a wide range of tones and different voices and characters, so feel free to ask for anything. I narrate female and male character roles in audiobooks.


Sultry siren, kickass warrior, caring mom, boardroom boss: they're all in my toolbelt - and more. I have the 'neutral North American' accent. I'm a Canadian who grew up in Texas with a British family!


My code-switching is the best, and I'm great at language localization. :) It's one-stop-shopping for you!

I have several years of experience working with global clients doing reliable and high-quality female English voiceover services. Voiceover is my dream job, and you can tell by the care and enthusiasm I bring to projects.

I've got you covered, from top-quality voiceover for commercials to voiceover for video games and animations, voiceover for audiobooks, and voiceover for e-learning.

A fantastic voice and a real professional. We got the best with Hera!

- Fieldable

sound level bars
"Great voice! Very relatable, friendly, easy to listen to."
Microphone in front of sound proofing walls


Mic: Harman AKG C214 Professional

Interface: Scarlett SOLO

Software: Adobe Audition CC | iZotope

Home Studio w Broadcast-Quality Results

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