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Versatile female voice, ages 25-65

General Canadian accent

C3 - D6

Audio Gear

Mic: Harman AKG C214 Pro

Interface: Scarlett SOLO

Headphones: Sony MDR7506 Pro

Software: Adobe Audition CC, Pozotron

In-Home Studio custom for voiceover

Delivery Format

Voiceover can be supplied in MP3, or high-quality WAV format and delivered via secure file-sharing services: Dropbox link, Google Drive link or WeTransfer

English Accents: General or Character

  • Canadian (formal and colloquial)

  • US General

  • US Southern

  • French (Quebec, France)

  • Irish

  • Scottish

  • UK Cockney

  • UK RP


TVOB Commercial Voiceover Course


Production sound is recorded on location in my studio.

Post-production sound is edited and mixed with industry-standard software, Adobe Audition, and I deliver broadcast-quality files.

Sound Design

RAW Studio Sample
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